Singer songwriter Viceroybill is the creator of the ContemperSoul music genre which blends blues, ballads, adult contemporary and folk styles. A gifted writer, Bill's lyrics fill his music with inspiration, hope and plenty of fun!

Viceroybill has released 2 CDs since 2006, and is currently working on his third due out later this year. Bill's songs have been re-recorded by several well known artists, and this is where Bill's focus currently lies, although he still very much enjoys recording songs himself and performing live. Viceroybill will be touring India this year as part of The W.O.A. Records India Tour 2010/11.

Bill has produced many special songs, including tributes to the late Steve Irwin ("Crocodile Hunter") with A Stingray's Barb, and to Kim Phuc Phan Thi with Garment of a King. Half the proceeds from such special songs go to support charitable organizations.


W.O.A. Records India Tour 2011!   This tour of independent artists will bring fun music with a message of hope to 8 cities in India, and kicks off October 31, 2011. Find out more


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